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  • By Rebecca Green
  • In Blog
  • Posted 12/05/2015

New MyLanner Portal will enhance the customer experience, offering an easier way to interact with Lanner and access the most up to date support materials

I am delighted to announce the launch of the new MyLanner Customer Portal. We are always striving to improve our Customer Service and after listening to Customer feedback, we began work on a new Customer Portal which will offer a highly improved user experience for our Maintained customers.

The new MyLanner Customer Portal will enable the User to control their own Support via a selection of self-service tools. It will also enable an easier way of interacting with the Lanner Helpdesk, ensuring we are always offering the exceptional Customer support expected from Lanner.

In this blog I will be introducing you to the new features which will be available in the MyLanner Customer Portal.


Once you log-in to the new MyLanner Customer Portal, you will see a new Homepage, providing a Dashboard which will include the your latest Support Tickets, making it much easier for you to track the status of your Tickets as well as a list of Featured Answers, which will include the most popular Answers to WITNESS and Modelling questions

The MyLanner Customer Portal also features four tabs, which offer a high level of support for WITNESS Users.

Answers Tab

In our new Answers section you will find a wealth of articles which Lanner have created based on frequently asked questions we receive. You can then search this area of the Portal for the latest advice on WITNESS. We recommend users a quick search before submitting a Support Ticket, as someone else may already have asked your question!

Support Ticket Tab

When you click on the Support Ticket tab, you can review your previous Tickets and raise new ones. When raising a new ticket for a support case, you will be prompted to briefly describe the problem you are having and then be given a list of solutions relevant to your query.

If you can’t find an answer here, you can move onto the next page where you can submit a new Support Ticket. This will come through directly to our Support team, who will then provide the help and guidance you need.

All responses to a Support Ticket, will be done so via the comments section at the bottom of the Ticket, this will enable you to easily track the comments between yourself and Lanner, as well as attach requested files and view relevant Answers.


Download WITNESS Tab

The new Portal will enable you to download the latest version of WITNESS in your preferred language, as well as past releases. This area will also include the latest WITNESS 14 Release Notes and Licence Terms, enabling you to have more control over what you are downloading.


We have extensive resources and training materials available which are incredibly valuable to our customers. In our Resources section you will find a library of materials, all of which can help you with your WITNESS modelling.

The Resources section includes Lanner Case Studies as well as recordings of our previous Beyond Modelling Webinars. This section will also exclusively host our recent WITNESS 14 Tutorials, as well as a collection of Getting Started Tutorials, which will not be available anywhere else.

If you are a Maintained Customer, you can start using the new portal now! To start using the new Portal, click here.

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