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  • By Martin Clocherty
  • In Blog
  • Posted 03/06/2015

In the 3rd Guest Blog from Hayward Tyler, Martin Clocherty looks at how WITNESS has become a key internal communication tool within the Centre of Excellence.

After many months of planning and modelling via our WITNESS Simulation model, we are now moving at pace from the virtual reality world to the physical reality world as our Centre of Excellence (“CoE”) phase 1a nears completion. As part of the transition – and not to mention our 200th anniversary year - HRH the Duke of Kent toured our facility and viewed our Kardex storage system at the same time our new CNC Lathe was being delivered.


My colleague Oliver Buhlinger and the Lanner team have also been busy finalising our 3D model and visualising our crane and Cruser™ movements.


From an internal communications perspective, our WITNESS Simulation model has also become our number one workforce CoE communication tool. For example, during the month of April we were lucky to be given the opportunity to again visit Dr Rab Scott at the NAMRC facility and demonstrate our latest CoE WITNESS model. We would like to thank Rab for his inspiring time, which has encouraged us to continue our WITNESS Simulation journey at pace.

On the 17th June Hayward Tyler will be hosting an employee engagement event on site. Thanks to the support of Lanner and Virtalis, WITNESS Simulation will allow us to demonstrate, by way of our 3D model, our final CoE factory layout to all employees.

In related news, Hayward Tyler’s WITNESS Simulation model inspired Centre of Excellence has just reduced its main product lead-time by a further 10 weeks...further game changing and exciting news to follow in future blogs!

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