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  • Posted 17/01/2018 11:13:00

In this short video, Business Process specialist, Ralph Thompson, explains why simulation should be a key component of any process designer's toolkit. Ralph talks about his experience using Software AG's Aris Business Process Analysis platform to optimise designs and implement optimised processes to improve business productivity.

"Simulation brings business process designs to life," explains Ralph, "process designs can get caught up shaving time off activities but often the biggest gains in time, and therefore business value, can be found by identifying and eliminating unnecessary wait times, or bottlenecks. Simulation is fantastic at illustrating where these occur in my process designs."

For process experts like Ralph, simulation's value doesn’t stop at the design stage; by providing process performance benchmarks from the design, simulation can also assist with the performance monitoring of business processes as they execute. And for when problems do arise, simulation can also be used to create a best solution playbook for when processes encounter exceptions.

Simulation in ARIS is powered by Lanner's L-Sim engine. L-Sim adheres to BPMN 2.0 and BP-Sim industry standards ensuring that all models designed using Aris can easily be simulated for easy analysis and improved insight.

To read more about L-Sim and how it can be integrated into your BPM Technology Suite please  click here.

To read more about Software AG and it's Business Process Analysis platform Aris, please visit

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