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  • By Abigail Hancher
  • In Blog
  • Posted 17/03/2020

Covid-19 has hit the World hard. No matter where you are, uncertainty is prevalent and the need for clarity and stability is more important than ever. With governments, people and businesses all searching for answers, simulating predictive models provides answers based on data to help you make the right decisions.

There is no crystal ball to look into the future and see how long the Coronavirus outbreak will last, and the impact it will have on businesses and the economy. What we do know is that it is affecting every corner of the world and all industries. Business decisions need to be made in the best way possible to keep our economies functioning, ideally using facts and data to make informed choices, rather than knee jerk reactions based on instinct.

In a time when some companies and manufacturers will be looking to slow down production, others will be ramping up their production rates to meet greater demand and ensure supply chains are operating as efficiently as possible. Out of context, this is normal for many manufacturers, there are times when production is high, and other times when things slow down, and they have to respond to these peaks and dips in the most agile and intelligent ways possible.

For over 20 years Lanner’s predictive simulation has provided manufacturers with insight into existing processes, enabling future production and supply chain operations to be planned with unparalleled certainty. From Mars to Britvic and Nissan to Ford, companies across sectors are using simulation to ensure their businesses are running at their optimum levels, while fulfilling consumer demand.

Planning for future breakdowns, decreased demand, increased orders, smaller work forces due to time off, Lanner’s WITNESS has been used to model and plan responses to all the listed variables, and more, time and time again, offering the world's companies insight into how to mitigate risk and operate their businesses most efficiently.

This is a challenge nearly all companies and manufacturers are facing right now. How can they continue to operate in uncertain times? There is no quick fix and the situation is changing daily; however, during a disruptive event such as the Coronavirus outbreak, predictive simulation can offer much needed clarity and facts based on data, to allow Operation Directors to ensure their businesses are able to handle the current situation as best they can.

Right now, supermarkets are facing a huge increase in demand, and are having to replenish stock which is being bought faster than it is being delivered using complex supply chains. However, we are being reassured they can meet consumer demands, and they will know this based on in depth data and predictive simulation models, which will confirm what they can, and can’t, achieve based on their stock levels, available vehicles and labour.

In times like this, when things can seem so uncertain and we are looking to facts to help us carry on with our lives, predictive simulation can be used to offer clarity and certainty in the future, to ensure our businesses can continue serving their customers and provide the normality we all need right now. 

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