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  • Posted 23/08/2016

“You press the button and the guy just looked like he had won the lottery...and that’s what simulation does for you!” Oliver Buhlinger, Senior Manager, Continuous Improvement

Speaking at the 2016 Predictive Simulation Conference earlier this year, ‘Young engineer of the year’ Ross Meikle and Oliver Buhlinger from Hayward Tyler talk about their requirements for predictive simulation using WITNESS, why they chose Lanner as a technology partner over other providers and the fantastic reactions from their investors, customers and staff.

The video includes the actual 3D model that was created to visualise their new facility, helping plan their aggressive growth strategy and double turnover to £60m by 2022. Meikle explains how Hayward Tyler went on to win large contracts by demonstrating their vision and showing this model to potential customers.

For more information on how Hayward Tyler achieved success using WITNESS and predictive simulation, you can read the full case study.

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Hayward Tyler, one of the world’s leading suppliers of mission-critical electric motors and pumps for the oil, gas, nuclear, industrial and chemical markets. Covering both the manufacture and aftermarket support of its proprietary high value products and technology, Hayward Tyler has global revenues of over £45 million. Its headquarters and core manufacturing operations are in the UK, with other facilities in the US, India and China.

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