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  • By David Jones
  • In Blog
  • Posted 16/12/2013

David Jones, Lanner CEO, wishes everyone a happy holiday and takes a look back at 2013 and the future of Lanner in 2014.

This year has come and nearly gone, very fast. It is a sign of the speed in which we live our lives and particularly more and more so in business, where the drive for efficiency, progress and innovation is relentless.

At Lanner we have played our part with our continuing themes within our solutions and technology of “speed of modelling”, delivering to our customers worldwide their “speed to best answers”.

We are pleased to see confidence returning to many of our markets and that confidence is reflected, both in us doing more business and our customers having confidence to look further forward in making their investment and planning decisions.

It is fantastic to see our core traditional markets in Automotive booming and growing from strength to strength following a number of years in difficult times. The Manufacturing sectors are making many new investment decisions and benefitting from efficiencies made and further sought. The Oil and gas/energy markets continue to invest and benefit from Lanners applications in these sectors.

The value we bring to the Health sector is also exciting.

Much of the drive is through new technology and better ways of working and delivery. Smart applications, HPC, Cloud computing, Simulation as a Service…all ways in which companies can get benefit from working with us. I am excited about our new partnership with world leader Virtalis in delivering their new scalable 3D, from desktop to immersive, to our customers as part of our WITNESS suite in 2014.

Another significant development this year was our announcement that we have joined the UK’s Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), providing our predictive simulation software to support research and development activities to potentially over 60 global and leading industrial members. Our education programs have developed well this year with new universities adopting our technology in Asia, Middle East and Africa as well as our traditional western markets.

So, it’s been a busy and exciting year for Lanner, which has seen us take significant steps forward as we strive to continue our position as the leading supplier of Predictive Simulation software. So I see 2014 as a further continuation of the good we have seen in this year and relish the challenges ahead.

Finally, I would like to send a big Thank You from the team and family at Lanner to all our customers and partners for their support to Lanner in 2013. We look forward to working with you in 2014.

Seasons best wishes


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