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  • Posted 17/05/2021

Recently, Lanner’s Oliver Bird delivered a webinar to guide you through the steps you can take to build business resilience within your organisation. Understandably, the last year has shined a light on areas where businesses are at risk, and from our conversations with customers, several themes have emerged around business resilience planning.

  1. Nearly all sectors have experienced huge disruptions, causing severe challenges.
    We’ve seen dramatic shifts in customer demand profiles, material availability challenges, resource availability constraints, and just general fundamental changes to operating policies. Any one of these disruptions creates a challenge, but many companies are dealing with the consequences of several of these changes.

  2. There is a drive to review entire supply chain processes, both internal and external.
    The challenges of the last year have created a need to fully evaluate all supply chain decisions. Companies are asking questions like: Should we adjust our make vs. buy strategy? Do we need more local stock? How can we be more agile with changing demand? Where should we site our facilities?

  3. These are complex questions, but having a strategy to answer these challenges with confidence can create long-term agility and resilience.

  4. Companies that plan, prepare and respond have a competitive advantage.
    Companies that are more agile spend less time firefighting short-term problems and challenges, leaving them more time for strategic planning and optimisation. This creates the space for actual transformation and innovation.

  5. The need to address shortcomings across the supply chain is more pressing than ever. 
    With the increased focus on forward planning, there is more attention than ever on adopting digital transformation initiatives. There is a need to answer questions quicker, with greater confidence, across the entire supply chain.

Lanner’s  predictive simulation and digital twin technology delivers valuable and actionable insight into your business operations and supply chains to support your business resiliency planning. A digital twin of your business can uncover the information you need to improve decision making, de-risk planning, and satisfy customers.

To watch the full webinar, click here. If you’d like to discuss your specific business challenges and how Lanner’s solutions might support your business resiliency planning, please contact us today

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