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Lanner Joins WfMC in Driving New Process Simulation and Optimisation Standard

04 October 2011
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Lanner joins the Process Simulation and Optimisation Working Group

Lanner, a provider of simulation software proven to maximise performance and optimise resources, today announced that it will join the newly formed Process Simulation and Optimisation Working Group, established by the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC), to create a new Process Simulation and Optimisation Standard.

The WfMC working group will align all key stakeholder organisations operating within the field of process simulation and optimisation.  Chaired by Denis Gagné, principal of, process simulation specialist Lanner will play an active role in the working group, helping to shape the standard.

"Fuelled by the need to strip costs, boost performance and reduce risk, process simulation has become synonymous with deriving maximum value from BPM initiatives,” comments David Jones, CEO of Lanner.  “Lanner’s deep domain expertise in BPM simulation, combined with a wealth of experience working with leading providers such as Software AG and IBM, means that, alongside our peers, we will act as a pioneer in the creation of an open standard for BPM model exchange.  In turn this will enable faster integration with BPM vendor product suites and wider, more accessible simulation benefits for users.”

“We have seen a lot of interest in the market for such standardisation and we now feel we can build on the maturity of process modelling using XPDL and BPMN to move forward in the endeavour,” comments Denis Gagné, principal at Business Process Incubator.  “Our initial mandate embraces process simulation and optimisation using both static and dynamic approaches. We are seeking to gather all interested parties to participate and contribute to this new and timely effort as Business Process Management (BPM) gains in wider adoption.”

More information on the group’s work can be found at WfMC

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