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Knowledge Transfer Session with Lanner and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

02 June 2011
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Bridging the gap between University research and Business implementation

Lanner is pleased to be working with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in Rotherham, England. The AMRC was identified by Prime Minister David Cameron as a role model for the Technology Innovation Centre programme launched in October 2010 designed to bridge the gap between University research and Business implementation.

Last week a knowledge transfer session focussing on WITNESS simulation was held at the centre. Led by Lanner’s Tony Waller this first session of a planned series introduced the WITNESS software to a team at the centre assembled by Rab Scott, Head of IT at AMRC. Rab wanted to introduce WITNESS due to its widespread use at AMRC partners such as Rolls-Royce and Boeing.

Such is the spreading fame of the AMRC that the Queen and Prince Philip visited the centre last November and were introduced by Rab to the latest Virtual Reality technology.


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