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Lanner Webinar Series: Solving Supply Chain Problems Using Simulation

24 October 2011
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Lanner hosts free Supply Chain Webinar

Lanner invites supply chain managers to find out why global firms, including Coca Cola Enterprises, Shell, Exel Logistics and the Department of Defense have turned to simulation to solve supply chain and process challenges.

Discover how business simulation software can solve complex supply chain challenges this November 1st, 2011, at 11am GMT and again at 11am EST.

By modelling existing operations and potential change scenarios, simulation can justify implementing different strategies and investment in new technology.

This free Webinar, presented by leading simulation solutions provider Lanner, highlights the capabilities and benefits of using business simulation including:

• Providing a business case to justify supply chain investment
• Validating new business rules and policy change within the supply chain
• Cost effectively mitigate risk throughout supply chain operations
• Assessing alternatives and 'What If" scenarios before spending on development

The Webinar will take place on Tuesday 1st November and is being run at 11 am GMT and 8:00am PST / 10:00am CST / 11:00am EST

Senior business executives, supply chain professionals, business improvement engineers, simulation architects and business managers, as well as graduate and undergraduate academics, are all welcome to attend this free event.

Topics to be covered include:

• How simulation plays a role across and within the supply chain
• Why simulation is different to other supply chain management technologies
• Case studies of Lanner customers who have solve supply chain challenges using simulation

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