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Px-SIM for Process Excellence

Px-SIM is a simulation tool for rapidly understanding the difficult to predict variations that occur within pharmaceutical, consumer health and medical products manufacturing. It excels at modelling 'make, fill, pack and delivery', where there is significant variation in quantity, shape and packaging.

Px-SIM allows you to self-build simulation models of your processes, at least 70% faster and 50% lower cost than other methods.

Quick Answers

Popular with customers, our 'Quick Answers' package provides a Px-SIM expert to work with you to model your first process. For significantly less than the cost of a typical consulting engagement you will have answers, have learnt how to apply Px-SIM and have a model with which to explore further variations.

Ready, Set , Go Simulation Models

When would you use simulation software?

Pharmaceutical, consumer health and medical products manufacturing processes involve variability, disruptions and interaction complexity and so gain greatly from simulation. Other techniques for analysing processes, such as spread sheets and flow diagrams, often ignore or treat these factors as averages or constants, with important consequences.

Let's take an example of a pharmaceutical process, with an assumed Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) of 40%, to illustrate the importance of including variability and disruption. It will also illustrate the strength of simulation in providing evidence and in communicating the consequences.

As the videos and graph shows, the consequence of not including the variability of breakdown and repair is to over estimate equipment efficiency by 73%! As important, is the guidance simulation can then give to changing resources and work patterns to alleviate blockages and deliver significant real production improvements.

Read more and see examples in simulation explained.

Px-SIM helps companies like yours:
  • Meet the challenge of driving out inventory and costs
  • Achieve delivery objectives at lower cost of goods
  • Bring precision to Site master planning
  • Set correct lean manufacturing targets
  • Significantly reduce planning and decision cycle times
  • Increase precision, confidence and speed in your recommendations and actions

when you reach the limits of 'simple' spreadsheet models that can't reflect the natural variability and complexity of interactions in your make, fill, pack and delivery processes. Px-SIM is a unique simulator that allows you to self-build simulation models without expensive external experts at least 70% faster than other methods and up to 50% lower cost.

Sets a New Standard

Comprehensive enough to model most today's challenges faced by process engineers and process owners across pharmaceutical, consumer health or healthcare operations to safely test improvement ideas and develop evidence based recommendations.

Faster and More Effective...

With step by step 'learn by doing' tutorials Px-SIM will take you a few days to learn and apply. Users report modelling in a week what used to take a month with other tools.

Great Value

If generating $millions in savings on asset investment projects, operating cost and inventory reductions wasn't enough. NO capital purchase is necessary. Px-SIM subscriptions from $800 per month require you only to contract for what you want, when you want.

Px-SIM Downloads

Evaluation edition and demonstration scenarios for:
- Lean manufacturing
- Agile packaging
- Asset Investment
- Site master planning


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