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PRISM - The Virtual Police Force

PRISM is a suite of easy-to-use, rapidly configurable simulation models covering key policing processes including:-

PRISM allows forces to quickly and easily optimise decisions on how processes should be best managed and resourced on a more scientific basis . PRISM modules can typically be configured in less than a week whether designing a new call handling facility or optimising custody management, whereas the only option previously would have used specialist skills or external consultants and taken many months. Local force resources can now experiment with "what-if?" improvement questions in a safe, risk-free environment and test improvement ideas more fully before making key capital or resource decisions.


PRISM is revolutionising the way Police Forces across the UK are making decisions. Find out more about the benefits from PRISM users here.

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Using PRISM is as Simple as 1, 2, 3

If you work for or with a Criminal Justice or Police organisation you can take advantage of 30 day trial version of PRISM. Complete the form below to obtain your trial version.

Reduces Risk in Decision Making

by enabling officers to safely test policing changes and develop evidenced based justifications.

Saves Time

over bespoke simulation projects. PRISM takes weeks to implement, not months.

Saves Money

by generating £millions in cashable savings for police forces across the UK. PRISM is the lowest cost of ownership (COO) simulation solution on the market.

PRISM removes unforeseen consequences because unlike spreadsheets, it is built to handle the changing, complex interaction of events that exists within policing.

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Data Sheets

Find out about the data required to run PRISM modules by following the links below:


Need help with PRISM?
The PRISM support zone can be accessed here.