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WITNESS Optimizer

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WITNESS Optimizer finds the best solutions for your simulation model. You choose a measure of performance which is fully customizable, set the parameters that are allowed to change and the optimizer will perform experiments intelligently to find the best solutions. It is an intelligent helper and will work tirelessly to improve your results.

Using the latest in sophisticated mathematical techniques, it offers an easy-to-use interface and the presentation of optimal results in a selection of useful and innovative tables and graphs.

Fully integrated with WITNESS

The Optimizer can be used with any WITNESS model to guide the user towards the most successful options for a process. The Optimize command is located from the WITNESS model menu and brings up a central dialog to setup the optimization.

Range of Experimentation and Reports.

Success is typically measured in terms of service level, throughput or profitability (taking into account cost). The WITNESS Optimizer offers a wide choice of options for experimentation. These include:

  • Random solutions-to enable an appreciation of the shape of the solution space.
  • All combinations-this option should indeed be chosen if time allows as it covers all possibilities.
  • Min/Mid/Max-tests the extremes and mid points of all parameter settings. Covers all options for non-range parameters.
  • Hill Climb-a simple algorithm. Fast but prone to get stuck in local optima.
  • Adaptive Thermostatistical Simulated Annealing - The main algorithm, a variant of simulated annealing with extra adaptive nature. Includes some elements of tabu search. Developed by Lanner in conjunction with optimization experts specifically to tackle simulation experimentation.
  • Six Sigma Algorithms-An adaptation of the main algorithm to ensure that the amount of change from a defined 'As-is' situation is limited. Used for determining the best improvements that can be made without a complete redesign of a process.
  • WITNESS Optimizer presents its reports as the algorithm is running. The main tables and charts can be interacted with during the run to view, sort, copy, paste and analyze. Optimizer not only searches for the optimum solution but also usually completes the analysis quickly. Using intelligent algorithms, which measure and react to the success of each analysis path, the best solution is often found by trying fewer than 1% of all possible combinations.

Optimizer Screenshots and Viewlet Gallery

Sample Chart and run control for an optimization.

A typical optimization set of screens showing a table of parameter settings and key performance indicators.

Sample Sensitivity Analysis Report.

All results tables offer one touch export to MINITAB for further statistical analysis - Sample MINITAB charts shown here.

A simple demonstration viewlet of the WITNESS Optimizer in action.

Reduces risk in Decision Making

Accurately predicting how proposed changes to a facility or process will work.

Supports Investment Decisions

Provides evidence to identify profitable ideas and avoid costly mistakes.

Eliminates Waste and Error

Showing which control methods and which resource profiles are most efficient.

Communicates the optimal solution to decision makers

Enables scenarios to be compared and the best option for the business to be graphically reported.

Easy to use

One training course will provide you with the skills needed to build simulation models and get results - quickly!

Simulation Explained

In our increasingly complex world Lanner’s prediction simulation software’s highly visual and user friendly approach enables you to convert data and process complexity into collaborative understanding and decision clarity.


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