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Simulation for Business Process Modeling - L-SIM Server™

L-SIM Simulation Server provides comprehensive simulation capabilities for use within desktop, server and cloud based business process solutions.

Simulation provides dynamic analysis of business processes, going beyond static diagrams and averaged numerical process verification. L-SIM Simulation Server can compare all available options to deliver the optimum answer for complex process decisions.

L-SIM Simulation Server supports BPMN 2.0 Interchange format and the evolving WfMC Business Process Analysis Format (BPAF) standard, enabling the easy creation of simulation models from BPMN diagrams and a structured return of statistical results. L-SIM Simulation Server can operate entirely through the exchange of serialized XML. L-SIM Simulation Server also provides an API to support real time simulation control and display.

Simulation Server
L-SIM Partners

Lanner has a number of partners already successfully using the L-SIM technology within their software products. These include; Software AG Aris, IBM, PNMSoft SEQUENCE, Oracle BPA Suite, SAP Business Process Optimization and most recently Trisotech. Click here for more about our partners

A partnership with Lanner brings active involvement in product enhancement/design, market positioning and sales planning.


This briefing describes how BPMN 2.0 Interchange, High Performance Computing and 'Playbook' based interaction are game changers in the contribution that simulation is bringing to both the strategic and the operational use of data and analytics. Click to Download

Six Reasons to Include Full Simulation in Your BPM Plans;
  • Effective process design
  • Identification of the best KPI's
  • Justification/prioritization of Investments
  • Optimization of business rules
  • Effective staff deployment
  • Maximize customer value

L-Sim Server includes support for BPMN 2.0 Interchange and BPSim standards. BPSim facilitates the exchange of models and analysis data required for simulation between platforms. More information can be found at

Powerful Java simulation
Specifically designed for the simulation of business processes

L-SIM uses BPMN 2.0 Interchange format and the evolving WfMC Process Analysis Format (PAF), enabling the easy connection with host applications

Support For BPMN
L-SIM contains objects that directly map to those in BPMN, additional objects for calendar support and resource modelling

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Need help with L-SIM?
The L-SIM support zone can be accessed here.